shannon j.l. (shanejayell) wrote in yomikos_apt,
shannon j.l.

The Art of Detection, by Laurie R King

(On a bit of a mystery kick lately)

The latest in the Kate Martinelli books, "The Art of Detection" features as most unusual crossover with Sherlock Holmes! Sort of, anyway. The murder victim is a obsessive fan of Holmes, which leads to a great deal of entertaining quirkyness. There's also a Holmes short story worked into the book, which is both clever and quite humorous.

This book can be read without the prior novels, begining with "Grave Talent" though it does help to get to know the cast better. I'd give this book a 8/10, in part for the comedy mixed with the detective bits.

Fave quote:
"Since no Holmes obituary has yet to appear in the Times of London, clearly he has not yet died."

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