Makoto-chan (makotomizuhara) wrote in yomikos_apt,

Interesting arguments I've read in books...

I just finished up Loop, the third book in Koji Suzuki's Ring Trilogy (The novel that the movie The Ring is based off of)

I think I may have read one of the most brilliant arguments in favor of the existance of God or some higher being.

In the book in question, the main character as a child is having a philosophical discussion with his mother talking about such topics as artificial life, life on other planets and the existance of God.

At one point the character makes the statement that the fact that intelligent life exists on Earth is so against the odds that it would be equivilent to someone throwing dice and coming up with snake-eyes 100 times in a row.

At that point, the mother makes a statement, "If that happened, I'd think the game was rigged."

and in his epiphony, he realizes that it is more likely that the game is rigged and there are very few suspects in who rigged it...

Oooohhh... very deep. Then again, I guess who would have to be open to the idea in the first place, but still, something worth thinking about.
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