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For love of books, or just love of free gifts...

Okay gang, Things are a little slow, but that's cool. Maybe you just need free shit to encourage y'all.

Ask and ye shall recieve. A special gift for the first members, since I know I never have one when I actually need one and if your books are full of half folded post-its, maybe this will look better...

Nothing special, just cut out and fold in half along the top. If your feeling adventurous, you can always punch a hold at the top and string yarn or ribbon, but as a good-old fashioned bookmark, I think it should work...

(Do not eat. Yomiko's Apartment is not liable for papercuts, scissors injuries, or any other assorted nonsense.)

Mega props to Trav for playing host. But it's a limited time engagement. So if you want one, d/l it soon cause I told him he can take it down after a week or so.

Kay, I wanna get some reading in and I actually have an idea for a short story brewing, so I'm gonna place a bookmark here for now.

More book discussion tomorrow, unless someone else wants to share... anyone? Anyone? Bueller?...
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